This is a wonderful time of year when you may give or receive gifts. My colleague Pat Barlow has said, “Feedback is a gift.” It may sting, but the gift it offers is a chance for development. Also, the more specific the feedback, the more useful it can be.

I’ve been thinking about feedback recently as I have completed the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Professional Coach Certification Assessor training. Part of my training was to submit markings of various recordings and receive feedback on my assessing skills. What a gift. The assessment system has 47 specific behavioral markers that relate to the behaviors expected of a professional coach. This is a prime example of how ICF stands for excellence in coaching. Blue Mesa Group’s Transformational Coaching Program aligns with ICF specifically, we share the value of excellence in coaching. Blue Mesa Group has two PCC Assessors and one MCC (Master Certified Coach) assessor.

Why does this matter?

Feedback with the Shared Specific Language increases Effectiveness

Blue Mesa Group has integrated this new system of assessing into our coach training programs. It offers all of our assessors and participants a shared specific language in which to give and receive feedback. For example when I hear a coach ask a question that seems as if it creates an ‘aha’ moment, I can link it to a specific behavioral marker in the Core Competency of Creating Awareness -, “Coach invites client to state and/or explore his/her learning in the session about her/his situation (the what).” My assessment becomes unmistakable by linking it to that behavioral marker. The result is that our participants can quickly notice their behaviors and address her/his learning edges.

Excellence in Coaching

Next, this new system creates a clear shared ‘bar’ across all coach training organizations accredited by ICF, which increases the value of the Professional Certified Coach designation. When you meet a coach with an ICF PCC you know the coach has met the requirements established by ICF.

By experiencing the ICF assessor training, I have become a better coach. I am more aware of my opportunities for improvement and have specific language and behaviors for my on-going development in my pursuit of excellence.

Feedback is a gift best served with specificity.

Our Virtual Transformational Coaching Program begins in February. We are hosting a free live webinar for those who want more information. (Click Here)