When Board members represent 28,000 members, there are bound to be different points of view about what is best for the membership. In these differences, there is wisdom and the best answer for the good of the whole.

As coaches, we have an effective framework for having conversations among us – the Core Competencies. From building trust and intimacy to getting agreement, listening, questioning, direct communication, creating new awareness – we have the tools necessary for getting to the best solutions for the myriad issues we will face.

I am honored to be a candidate for the ICF Global Board of Directors. And if elected, I know that we Board members will have robust and thorough conversations so that our decisions are sound. Knowing that all of us are well practiced in the Core Competencies, I can imagine the conversations will be deep, focused, and healthy.

As an ICF member, you can elect your Board. Please vote, and if you think I can represent you, I would appreciate your vote.