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A Reflection on the Importance of Awareness of Standards

A few weeks ago, I had a startling revelation about awareness of standards over a hamburger with a friend. I had a coupon for a free meal that I redeemed at the cash register and told the cashier, “I don’t want the soda.” She replied, “I can upgrade your fries if you would like. YouContinue Reading

Don’t be used by the Coaching Tool

Many times I hear coaches talk about wanting more ‘tools.’ What do they mean when they say coaching ‘tool?’ Do they mean some diagram, method, process, word picture, or framework that will help the client move forward? If you Google ‘coaching tools,’ you will find a plethora of free downloads. When I was in myContinue Reading

Transformational Coaching Program: Inside and Out

The Transformational Coaching Program Inside and Out: An Interview with Shelli Lind Who is Shelli Lind? Shelli Lind has a unique perspective on the Blue Mesa Institute for Coach Training’s Transformational Coaching Program. She first encountered TCP as a student, when she was the Director of Learning and Leadership Development for Centura Health. She likedContinue Reading

Credentials for Corporate Coaching

Credentials are important. They represent the standard so coaches can communicate legitimacy, mastery, and accomplishment. Blue Mesa Group has made it our business to be our very best. So we want to share our accomplishments we have achieved in recently. We are Credentialed We are credentialed coaches (Master Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, and AssociateContinue Reading