Business colleagues having a team meeting

It is an honor to have been nominated to the slate of Directors for the ICF Global Board. I very much want to serve our profession in this role.

As ICF matures, we have to assess what makes us great, and what will keep ICF as the premier global professional coach organization. An old mentor of mine told me that every year an organization should eliminate one policy and then have a public memorial service for it – as a way to keep the organizational fresh and resilient.

One way ICF is addressing such policies is by reviewing the credential process. And it should. What defined excellence in 1997 is very different from what maybe true today. We are global, and in turn, must make the credentialing policies appropriate to all of our members.

And the credential isn’t just for us coaches. It is for our consumers in the marketplace. This consumer orientation is a critical point of view that ICF is looking at. By tending to the consumer, all of us coaches will be even better served.

If elected, I promise to be honest, transparent and courageous in engaging in such conversations with ICF members. It isn’t easy to change, particularly when it means I am the one who needs to do so. But if I understand it, I’m more likely to abide by it. True for you, too? Transparency and trust are foundational to understanding, and I’m committed to being true to transparency as one of my core values.