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About Us

We founded Blue Mesa Group to provide corporate coaching and leadership consulting in answer to a need we saw during our tenures as leaders in national and global organizations.

We observed that inside the organizational culture, the idea that morale and productivity are inextricably linked seemed to have gotten lost.

Within the fast-moving international marketplace and the chaos of day-to-day operations, the importance of professional fulfillment, strong working relationships, and good communication were pushed to the side.

Ironically, in the end, the bottom line suffered.

It seems obvious, but this fundamental fact was habitually overlooked: No matter what the goal, obstacle, or conflict, people are at the heart of every experience.

When you start thinking strategically about your people and really valuing them as human resources, individual and organizational achievement and resilience results.

Our Team

As former senior executives, our experience spans industries and continents.

We are leadership and corporate coaches and change management consultants committed to helping you transform your situation, optimize your resources, and achieve your desired results, through corporate coaching.

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Through corporate coaching and consulting, we help clients to uncover the right path forward and to develop the skills and confidence to forge ahead.

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