Leaving a

Compelling Legacy

Retire with a Sense of Lasting Accomplishment


Coaching Perspective
-Desire to have a lasting effect on colleagues, organization, or industry

Client Perspective
"When I started nearing retirement, I realized I’d never considered what I was going to leave behind. I wasn’t sure how to leave a meaningful legacy. What would it look like, and how would I create it?"


Coaching Perspective
-Increase self-awareness
-Achieve sense of completion

Client Perspective
"I want to feel a sense of accomplishment and completion when I retire. I want to know that my presence in my organization and industry made a difference."

Executive Coaching Process

Coaching Perspective
-Assess retirement-related values
-Define legacy goal
-Plan and complete strategy for creating compelling legacy

Client Perspective
"My coach helped me define what “legacy” means to me and explore why it feels like an important goal.

"In our time together, we created different scenarios for my last day at work. I reflected on each of them: What felt right? What felt hollow or incomplete?

"I developed a plan so that when I left, I could take more than my last paycheck—I could also take away the experience of being a mentor who taught others career-changing skills."


Coaching Perspective
-Graceful transition to retirement
-Sense of long-term accomplishment and career fulfillment

Client Perspective
"I’ve been retired for over three years now, and I look back with both pride and wonder on what I’ve been able to teach others about my work-life lessons.

"Those that I guided tell me they can now see the link between what they do and who they are. I like to think that some of my former colleagues’ and protégés’ challenges will be easier because of my help."

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