Seeing the

Forest for the Trees

Align day-to-day operations with higher-level goals and strategy


Coaching Perspective
-Inefficiency and poor productivity
-Inability to connect immediate tasks with larger goals

Client Perspective
"My direct reports are stuck in tactics and can’t think or operate strategically. We’re getting bogged down with details and get easily sidetracked by interruptions and crises.

"I’ve taught them skills and given them my expectations, but it doesn’t work. They act like “chaos junkies” and I need to get the team aligned and on board with strategy."


Coaching Perspective
-Promote higher-level understanding of
everyday operations
-Connect individual efforts with team and organizational strategies

Client Perspective
"I want the day-to-day efforts of my personnel to be aligned with team and organizational goals. I want to see real progress made every day, and for every action to have purpose. In this way, I think we can achieve a new level of productivity."

Team Building Process

Coaching Perspective
-Assess daily routines and methods
-Promote common understanding of higher-level goals
-Identify and eliminate inefficiencies
-Support productive activities

Client Perspective
"Blue Mesa Group’s team building process has helped our group achieve a higher-level understanding of its work.

"Team members discussed and identified the tasks that make actual progress toward organizational goals. They also seemed to understand why certain activities and methods simply wasted resources and added unnecessary complication.

"Once we reached a common understanding and started communicating effectively, it became clear that many activities were redundant, and when team members recognized that, they began to see the value in sharing information.

"Even the most reluctant team members were motivated to consider things from a higher level, and we learned how to align our daily activities with larger goals on an ongoing basis."


Coaching Perspective
-Increased team effectiveness, morale, and unity
-Better individual creativity, efficiency, and output

Client Perspective
"The team has begun to align their daily activities with the bigger mission of their departments and each department’s role in our organization.

"They are thinking more about the financial, market, and organizational implications of their decisions and actions; I see more problem solving and problem prevention going on. In time, I think we’ll see an increase in productivity, as well as lower overhead and turnover.

"I also think, if we can keep this going, we’ll reduce the sense of competition between departments and start operating as cohesive, collaborative business units. The team seems clearer, less confused, and more focused, and they are spending more time being creative and effective with their own areas of responsibility.

"Overall, everyone seems a little happier and more relaxed."

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