Solving The

Popularity Paradox

Help Your Leader Gain Confidence, Earn Respect, and Learn to Make Tough Calls


Coaching Perspective
-Lack of team unity and motivation
-Frustration and poor productivity

Client Perspective
"Our leader wants to be liked, so he doesn’t make the tough decisions. As a team, we’re counting on him to step up and be decisive, even if his actions are not going to be popular.

"Because of the lack of leadership, the team is unmotivated and ineffective. We’re not making the progress we need to on critical organizational objectives."


Coaching Perspective
-Unite team around common goals
-Improve sense of team direction

Client Perspective
"I want to be part of a team that is united around and enthusiastic about a common objective. I want to see us meet milestones and fulfill challenging goals."

Team Building Process

Coaching Perspective
-Interview team members and leader
-Share individual and organizational perspectives
-Define goals for team dynamic and leadership style
-Strategize communications within team

Client Perspective
"The team building process helped us define the problem from an organizational and business perspective. It had seemed like the main problem was our leader’s lack of decisiveness, but we realized our problem wasn’t a personal one.

"Our coach helped us design a conversation that would allow us to communicate our problem to our boss, in the business context. The conversation wasn’t about blame, but about needs, communication styles, and solutions that would work for all of us."


Coaching Perspective
-Improved team communication, morale, focus, and productivity

Client Perspective
"We were glad we could get perspective on our situation.

"Our boss is still reluctant about making decisions, but our conversation with him seemed to bolster his confidence in himself and in us. He has moved on some things that are crucial to our progress and effectiveness, and we’re holding up our end by offering support and following through on his decisions. We’ve got more work to do, for sure. But the team is coming together.

"And, ironically, our boss is more liked and respected when he’s decisive."

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