the Golden Handcuffs

Discover a New Sense of Professional Freedom


Coaching Perspective
-Job dissatisfaction and burnout
-Loss of professional perspective

Client Perspective
"I’m so unhappy in my job, but I can’t afford to quit. I need to maintain my income, which makes it seem impossible to change my situation. And now that I’ve gained seniority, I don’t want to lose status by leaving."


Coaching Perspective
-Restore a sense of purpose and empowerment
-Define strategies for short- and long-term professional improvement

Client Perspective
"I want to look forward to going to work every day. I don’t want to feel like a victim of my circumstances. What can I do to feel and be more powerful in this situation?'"

Executive Coaching Process

Coaching Perspective
-Identify misconceptions
-Expand perspective
-Generate fresh solutions
-Create generative plans

Client Perspective
"I felt like I could breathe again after my first executive coaching sessions. We came up with a number of options that made it clear that it was possible to change my situation.

"First off, we brainstormed ways to make things better right away at my current job. I started to delegate tasks more often and began rediscovering the parts of my job that have meaning to me. I put a clear financial plan in place and discussed it with my family. They’re on board with making changes that will give us a little more leeway.

"Most importantly, the three-year exit strategy I developed makes me feel confident that if I do ever need to make the decision to leave, I’ll be able to do it responsibly."


Coaching Perspective
-Increased professional confidence, effectiveness, and satisfaction
-Expanded personal and professional perspective

Client Perspective
"Now that I don’t feel so trapped, I’m more effective at work, even though I haven’t changed my job. I also feel like I’ve gained perspective, patience, and even wisdom through this process.

"I’m confident that when the time is right, I’ll be able to make the best decision about a job change, and I’ll already have a plan in place. Having a clear roadmap gives me comfort, clarity, and courage every day."

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