Imposter Syndrome

Ease into Your New Role, Even if You Don’t Think You’re Ready


Coaching Perspective
-Lack of professional confidence

Client Perspective
"I just got promoted, and I don’t feel ready. I’m worried they’re going to figure out I’m not qualified and it’s going to set me back for years."


Coaching Perspective
-Establish sense of perspective, purpose, and empowerment

Client Perspective
"I want to feel entitled to my new role, and to be able to direct my team and report to my leaders with confidence."

Executive Coaching Process and Leadership Training Process

Coaching Perspective
-Identify insecurities
-Refute misconceptions
-Reinforce strengths
-Assess skill gaps
-Create and complete leadership training plan

Client Perspective
"The executive coaching process helped me ground my fears so I could distinguish those that have a basis in reality from those that don’t. After I let the imaginary ones go, we created a leadership training plan to address the real ones.

"As we looked at the job’s competencies and objectives and compared them to my qualifications, my coach helped me link my past experience with future expectations. This helped me see that I had experience that meant something—not just to me, but to my job and the organization.

"We also designed and practiced conversations so I could ask the “dumb” questions without feeling stupid. It’s been humbling, but also empowering. I can see now that it isn’t as important that I know everything as it is to be able to find the best answers."


Coaching Perspective
-Expanded leadership skills
-Matured professional outlook
-Greater confidence, self-acceptance, and patience

Client Perspective
"Although I still have my reservations about my new role, I’ve learned what it is to be a learner—and I’m appreciating that I don’t have to be perfect to make progress and be a good leader. The most effective strategy is to be the best I can with the resources I have.

"I also know now that another person’s emergency—even my own staff member’s—doesn’t have to be my emergency. This helps me avoid reacting unnecessarily. Instead, I focus on creating valuable experiences for my team, our clients, and myself.

"I’ve also learned to keep my eye on strategic goals and not get distracted by all the operational noise. In the end, this makes my team and me happier and more effective."

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