What our clients have to say about Blue Mesa Group

“We engaged the Blue Mesa Group to help us transform our culture to focus on coaching as a business builder and enabler. Our leaders have achieved inspired results, become long-term high performers and optimized their personal well-being.”

“A great thing about the transformational coaching experience for me has been [connecting tools with] a methodology that brings them alive. I have been immersed in productive conversation training and in using the ‘Ladder of Inference’, etc., but having a way to apply these tools… has been very powerful.”

“[We’ve received] direct and important feedback [and the Blue Mesa Group] provided us with opportunities for improvement in a candid, yet kind manner.”

“The Blue Mesa Group has become an essential part of my development. They provide a sounding board and knowledge aligned to my business, opinions, and judgment in critical areas and they push my learning edge. I am grateful for the wisdom and guidance they give as I continue to enhance my life plan.”

“I have benefitted greatly from my coaching experience with the Blue Mesa Group. My coach helps me draw on my natural strengths, values, experiences, aspirations and competencies to discover my path fueling my leadership performance.”

“I can take any problem to the Blue Mesa Group and feel safe.”

“My coach is so gifted at guiding the conversation, no matter what the issue…She also brings incredible business acumen to the conversation, so her inquiries are always insightful and relevant.”