It’s a challenge to separate skilled leaders from skilled interviewees.

No matter how charismatic and persuasive—or even skilled in her field—a person may be, if she isn’t right for the role, even with the possibility of a leadership development program or executive coaching, you face poor productivity and ineffective leadership, and you risk organizational challenges that impact morale, retention of key associates, and whole-system effectiveness.

And, often interviewers miss key indicators in assessing for executive potential.

The Possibilities

Through our executive assessment service, you will get the best return on your investment in hiring a top leader by making sure that she has the skills and aptitudes to do her job well and the potential to develop into a top-tier executive.

To that end, the three phases of our executive assessment go deeper than typical interviews.

The Process

Role Assessment
In the course of our executive assessment, we evaluate the position itself, including its explicit and implicit requirements, its relationship to other functions in the organization, and its bearing on key stakeholder relationships.

We learn about your organization’s culture and how this role impacts culture on a short and long-term basis, and we understand the broader business context for this role.

Assessment of Candidate’s Strengths and Shortcomings
Through a series of carefully crafted questions and the executive assessor’s keen observations, we identify the candidate’s strengths and gaps to determine if they are both cognitively and emotionally suitable for the role.

This person may be great at the interview, but does she actually have the skills to be successful in the proposed executive role? Does her disposition suit the environment? Can she actually do what she says she can?

Assessment of Candidate’s Potential
With long-term effectiveness in mind, we evaluate the current abilities and future potential of the candidates.

Executives must have the capacity to develop into broader roles and responsibilities as the organization evolves.

Sharing Our Executive Assessment
We meet with you and present our view of the challenges and possibilities each candidate presents. From this place, you can objectively evaluate the choices and determine the best next steps.


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