Mentoring Skills

For Leaders

Seasoned leaders can play an important role in lending a hand to help younger professionals grow in your organization.

The unique insights these leaders have gained are a valuable resource that they would likely be happy to share.

But because someone is good in their role doesn’t mean they know how to mentor another without training.

Mentors provide a powerful supportive presence, catalyzing others’ professional success, and in turn, the success of the organization as a whole.

The Possibilities

Imagine the benefits to your organization if you had qualified mentors who transformed the potential of your employees into visible, measurable results.

Blue Mesa Group’s Mentor Training program makes seasoned leaders stronger and more confident mentors by giving them specific and practical skills along with a framework to engage in a successful mentor/mentee conversation.

These skills include:

  • -Social and emotional intelligence
    • -Focused and generative listening
    • -Enhanced observation skills of the self and other
  • -Skillful communication
  • -Personal responsibility
  • -Productive advocacy and inquiry
  • -Learning to learn

Mentor training for leaders adds value and velocity to your mentoring process by supporting leaders’ effectiveness in supporting others.

These busy professionals will appreciate knowing that they have given back, added value, andsaved time through a more efficient and proven method.

The Process

In our foundation mentor training course, participants develop skill in key mentoring techniques.

Classroom training, individual study, group practice, and coaching transform outstanding leaders into excellent mentors.

After participants complete the foundation mentor training course and begin building mentoring experience, Blue Mesa Group supports ongoing skill development with a range of methods and resources, including:

  • Classroom training
  • Individual learning plans and assignments
  • Coaching for mentors
  • Community of practice study groups
  • Online resources and support


Leaders and executives

With mentor training, you can help your associates, colleagues, and employees achieve their career goals, rise to workplace challenges, and maximize their professional performance

Boost organizational effectiveness and support a strong corporate culture by cultivating associates’ strengths and talents

Leave a powerful legacy by passing on your hard-won insights

Participate in Blue Mesa Group’s Mentoring Skills for Leaders course

Pursue ongoing development of mentoring skills through classroom training, individual study, group practice, and coaching

Contact Blue Mesa Group today to find out more about becoming a mentor