"People issues” are not isolated problems or needs.

An organization is as strong as the ability of its people to mobilize their talents and work together. Financial goals are only as attainable as employees’ ability to efficiently and effectively pursue them.

The most robust, resilient organizations invest in leadership development and corporate team building, knowing they are how its overall vision and day-to-day operations will be realized

Cultural competence is a requirement of today's leaders.

With constant change, the continued impact of our global economy, and the changing face of employees, leaders need the fastest and best ways to learn, master and employ the skills required to navigate this complex dynamic.

The Possibilities

A coaching culture puts people at the heart of the organization.

Blue Mesa Group has developed an internal transformational coaching program that trains selected leaders to provide coaching services to your organization.

The Transformational Coaching Program is accredited as an ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) through International Coach Federation (ICF). Successful graduates may become a credentialed coach through the ICF.

Ready access to skilled coaching on issues of communication, team dynamics, conflict resolution, role shifting, and the like, accelerates bottom-line goals.

A leader trained in coaching concepts and techniques is an invaluable resource who can anticipate leadership and morale issues, strategize human issues, and serve as the go-to person when challenges such as interpersonal conflict or reduced productivity arise.

Transformational coaching is a proven investment in your human capital.

The Process

Blue Mesa Group's Transformational Coaching Program offers a tiered curriculum that culminates in a master-level understanding of coaching techniques.

Each level of this transformational coaching program can be taken on its own or as part of a comprehensive three-part course of study:

  1. Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders
    Overview of essential coaching concepts and the application of key techniques in a professional setting
  2. Core Curriculum for Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP through ICF)
    Comprehensive program of study in coaching theory and techniques; successful graduates can earn their ACC (Associate Certified Coach) or PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential through ICF
  3. Master Coaching Seminars
    Deeper Study of coaching concepts, enhancing ability to understand and apply new skills in a variety of settings


Leaders and executives

Accelerate your organization's ability to attain goals by having on-staff access to coaching

Empower your organization to fully mobilize the talents of its people

Participate in a transformational coaching program which follows a comprehensive course of study addressing key coaching skills, including:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Personal power and responsibility

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