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Different Audiences, Identical Standards

All of our courses have a rigorous curriculum, taught by experienced faculty with a global perspective and the goal of elevating our students' potential, both personally and professionally.

Transformational Coaching Program

This ICF-approved Accredited Coach Training Program is a solid foundation for anyone interested in progressing in the coaching profession and earning their coach credentials.

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Coaching Mastery

This program addresses the thinking, being, and action of a seasoned and well-practiced coach. This program is ICF CCE approved.

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Ecology of Coaching

Intended for certified or credentialed coaches, this course helps good coaches become great.

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Mentor Coaching

This course is designed for leaders and coaches who want to improve their abilities and prepare for their ICF coaching credential.

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Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders

This course is for leaders who want to add coaching to their skill set in order to foster a more effective team.

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Aspire to Transformation

The Transformational Coaching Programs seek to help students achieve their personal and professional potential.

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