You are a prospective coach, or you are a leader, or you are in charge of organizational development.

You want to get even better.

You want to be a credentialed coach.

Augment Your Skill Set

This program is for internal organizational development professionals, experienced leaders, and prospective coaches wishing to:

  • -Apply the principles of transformational coaching to support personal and organizational change
  • -Pursue MCC, PCC, or ACC accreditation through the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Program Objectives

Program objectives will be developed after determining your specific needs and goals.

Generally, this program enables students to accomplish the following:

  • -Complete an individualized program of study
  • -Prepare for ICF oral and written examinations (for portfolio applicants)
  • -Identify and transcend current levels of professional performance
  • -Achieve a higher level of personal and professional evolution in order to enable deeper work with clients
  • -Gain specific skills and understanding to address a particular challenge or establish a coaching niche


Mentor Coaching is customized to the particular interests and needs of you, the participant.

Program content typically addresses the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics to prepare you for MCC, PCC, or ACC accreditation.

The learning process is highly collaborative. The MCC or PCC coach meets one-on-one with you to determine your interests and concerns and to assess your current level of performance.

Based on this information, we design a customized program of study, practice, and mentoring which is delivered in a one-to-one and small-group environment.


Typical topics include advanced study and practice of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, cultural competence, and advanced coaching skills.


This program is delivered on-site, via teleconference, and by phone. ICF requires 10 hours of real-time mentor coaching for coach certification. A client may request a fewer number of hours to work with the mentor on their specific needs.

Program length, assignments, and meetings are determined by the coach after your goals and objectives have been clarified.

You are strongly urged to co-create the best learning environment so you will gain the most value from this experience.

Your mentor coach session typically involves contemplative and mindfulness activities, review of your live coach recordings, demonstrations, role-playing, observation, and feedback.


  • -Three to five years leadership and/or coach experience
  • -Demonstrated business acumen and understanding of organizational leadership challenges
  • -Desire to continuously learn and evolve


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Dates & Locations

Meeting times are determined on an individual basis. Please contact your coach to set up your coaching sessions.

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