Transformational Coaching Program:

ICF-Approved ACTP

You may be completely new to coaching.

You may already be fulfilling an internal coaching role.

Whatever your position, you are interested in the serious pursuit of coaching knowledge.

Earn Your ICF Certification

This course is for those wanting a premier education in the coaching profession, including:

  • -Internal organizational development professionals
  • -Newcomers to the coaching profession
  • -Coaches at any point in their careers wanting to develop their expertise
  • -Professionals wanting to formalize their coaching functions within their organizations.

The Transformational Coaching Program is a thorough and rigorous program that will put you well on your way toward earning an International Coach Federation coaching credential.

Course Objectives

  • -Learn to design transformational processes that achieve results on a consistent basis
  • -Develop confidence, capability, and understanding of core concepts and techniques
  • -Understand and apply ICF standards and ethical guidelines
  • -Achieve certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s foremost coaching organization
  • -Analyze and apply a coaching model that supports sustained and meaningful change for individuals, teams, and organizations


This comprehensive course provides a solid foundation in fundamental coaching concepts, addressing their application in a variety of contexts, including personal coaching, executive coaching, and organizational coaching.

Guided by the ICF Core Competencies, it prepares participants for ICF certification.

Beyond fundamentals, it challenges participants to evolve personally and professionally. Graduates achieve a level of self awareness and advanced skill that enables them to facilitate client learning and meaningful change.

Through authentic presence and effective communication, participants develop the ability to powerfully connect with clients.

Instructors monitor student progress on an individual basis, offering guidance, feedback, and support that builds confidence and ensures subject mastery.

Students ground theory and hone their coaching technique in practice sessions. Graduates take away the ability to create transformational change on a consistent basis, no matter the client or context.


This course's guiding principles are the ICF Core Competencies:

  • -Coaching Standards — Ethical guidelines and professional standards, the coaching agreement
  • -Relationship Building — Authentic presence, establishing the coaching relationship
  • -Communication — Active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication
  • -Facilitation — Creating awareness, designing actions, planning and setting goals, managing progress and accountability

Additional topics include:

  • -Conscious business practice
  • -Mental models
  • -Language and results
  • -Learning to learn
  • -Skillful listening
  • -Personal responsibility
  • -Commitment management
  • -Conflict management
  • -Personal mastery
  • -Emotional intelligence
  • -Authentic leadership
  • -Leadership integrity and coaching


Graduates of this course are eligible for the following ICF credentials:

  • -ACC (Associate Certified Coach) accreditation (after 100 documented coaching hours)
  • -PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accreditation (after 500 documented coaching hours)

Students are eligible for certification if 100% of the following requirements are met:

  • -Completion of all homework assignments: weekly written lectures, coaching practice, other written and experiential assignments.

    - Full attendance of the following is required for the in-person program:

  • -Three sessions of on-site instruction (or pre-negotiated equivalent)
  • -Six teleconferences
  • -Ten mentor coaching sessions
  • -Six observed coaching sessions

    - Full attendance of the following is required for the 100% virtual program:

  • -Four online modules
  • -Weekly learning labs
  • -Ten mentor coaching sessions
  • -Six observed coaching sessions

    -The following is required for both programs:

  • -Successful completion of final performance review
  • -125 contact hours with program faculty, 100 of which must be in person or by phone
  • -Demonstrated practice of the ICF Code of Ethics
  • -Demonstrate understanding and application of the ICF Core Competencies
  • -Demonstration of principles of consciousness, learning, personal responsibility, skillful communication, prioritizing of relationships over results, and emotional maturity

If a participant cannot attend any of the required sessions, she/he may negotiate with the Program Director prior to the absence, to establish an appropriate learning equivalent experience.


  • -Three to five years of leadership experience
  • -Demonstrated business acumen and understanding of organizational leadership challenges
  • -Desire to continuously learn and evolve


The admissions team evaluates complete applications after the application deadline.

Each applicant is evaluated on their individual merits, as well as in relation to the entire applicant pool, in order to create a well-balanced group of students.

Notice of admissions decision is sent via email one month following the application deadline.

Steps For Admissions

  • Complete Application
  • Pay $50 Application Fee
  • Upload Resume
  • You will be contacted for a phone interview
  • Once accepted into the program a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to hold your place

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$10,000 (Additional books and materials approximately $150.00)


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Payment plans are available for two, three, or four payments by check beginning three weeks prior to the start of the program. First payment must be received no later than three weeks prior to course start date.

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$10,000 (Additional books and materials approximately $150.00)

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