About the Institute

How much does it cost?

All the pricing details are provided on our Price & Registration page, but briefly:

All payments can be made via check or PayPal. 

Will I get my PCC without having to go through the portfolio process with ICF?

Yes, when you successfully complete the Transformational Coaching Program, you are eligible to apply for your Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from the International Coach Federation since the examination is conducted through the TCP.

You must have documented 750 hours of coaching before ICF will grant your PCC.

More information on the process can be found on the International Coach Federation's website.

How much time will it take to achieve my PCC?

The Transformational Coaching Program is a 6-month program. You must also document 500 hours of coaching.

Do I have to pay for extra coaching while I'm a TCP student?

All costs are included in the tuition for the TCP except for required books, papers and movies which are less than $200.

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