Our Philosophy

The Three Tenets of ICT

Personal Transformation

"Nothing happens without personal transformation." - W. Edwards Deming

Learning to coach — or to expand your coaching abilities — through Blue Mesa Group’s Institute of Coach Training is a journey of discovery.

You gain powerful skills and, in an intensified way, experience the same type of transformation that you will nurture in your clients.

As a coach, you become more effective, innovative, versatile, and resilient. At the same time, you expand your ability to cultivate those attributes in your own coaching clients.


Presence is a state of focus in the now.

From this place, your perceptions are most discerning and your responses most insightful.

With the ability to listen and respond mindfully, you create an atmosphere of attention and authenticity that encourages clients to honestly examine themselves and awaken dormant internal resources.


The Institute of Coach Training's transformational coaching programs are rigorous, comprehensive courses of study.

The skills and knowledge that participants gain are all the more powerful because they’re grounded in self-awareness, commitment to personal transformation, and the art of presence.

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