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About Blue Mesa Group Institute of Coach Training

When we started our Institute of Coach Training, three things were important to us:

  1. 1.Grounded research in best practices for coach training,
  2. 2.Our passion for teaching coaches to become great coaches,
  3. 3.Bringing practical and real world methodologies to the learning experience so that our graduates can be credible, competent and confident coaches in the market.

We are aligned with what we think is the best professional coach organization – the International Coach Federation.

The ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics bring a solid foundation to good coaching that we can and do stand behind.

An Understanding That Comes With Experience

We have been teaching coaching to new and experienced coaches since 1995. We’ve learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work.

We know that the best coaches have a solid framework, practical tools, and a clear understanding of where coaching begins and ends.

Coaches must know and master the differences between managing, mentoring and giving performance feedback.

Coaches must know how and when to make a referral to a different kind of professional.

Coaches must be the custodians of great boundaries, while being compassionate, loving, and caring about their clients, the human condition, and of course, themselves.

A Deliberate and Developed Curriculum

We have made it our business to be the best at what we do.

Both founders of Blue Mesa Group are Master Certified Coaches. Together they have more than 500 hours of coaching education and 6800 hours of actual coaching. Additionally, each has passed a rigorous test to measure how well they integrate, synthesize, and incorporate the ICF Core Competencies into their coaching.

We are thought leaders in the coaching profession. We are active on the ICF Ethics Forum, are Board members of the Association of Coach Training Organization, and engage fully in organizations that promote quality coach education.

Our instructors are outstanding leaders and have all earned their credential from the ICF.

The highly developed course content for the Institute for Coach Training Programs is grounded in sound research, practical applications, and proven techniques so our graduates can use what they learn.

We have combined Ontological Coaching with Adult Learning Theory and created a model that works.

Individual Attention

In all of our programs, participants get individual attention. 

Instructor interaction is integral to the curriculum with participants receiving individual assessment and guidance as they develop confidence and master concepts.

Personal Transformation

Institute of Coach Training students graduate with an evolved presence — expanded mindfulness, empathy, capability, and expertise.

This enables them — on a consistent basis — to create profound transformations in the lives of their clients.

How the ICT Stands Out

Learn more about how our proven methods, excellent faculty, and sterling reputation can help you elevate you potential.

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