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Welcome to the Blue Mesa Institute of Coach Training.

As a participant in our premier coach training programs, you benefit from dedicated instructors, advanced thinking, and overall, a life-changing educational experience.

The Transformational Coaching Programs are designed to fit into the active schedules of working professionals.

However, it is an experience that engages participants on a deep level, asking you to do the internal work that allows you to facilitate client self-realization.

Meaningful transformation is both an outward and inward experience.

Our Transformational Coaching Programs instill expertise, while supporting the personal changes that enable you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your coaching clients.

You will establish a connection with the instructors, other participants, and materials that carries through in all of our learning activities.

Weekly assignments typically include reading, coaching practice, and writing projects that further your development.

Interaction with your instructors is a key element of all of our courses. Your mentor coach, program instructors, and observer coaches continually monitor your progress and provide a powerful supporting presence.

A vital aspect of the TCP approach is awareness of the self and other. This is primarily achieved through mindful practices, such as various forms of secular meditation and contemplative practices.

We’re available throughout your TCP experience to answer questions and provide support. Contact us for further details.

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